Key Features:

  • Seamlessly integrate the complexity of real-time market data, security master, curve construction, and RiskVal’s analytic library
  • Integrated Service and Data Sources
  • Clients can quickly integrate live data from: Bloomberg, BrokerTec, eSpeed, CME
  • Consolidates the complexity of excel programming with less than 100 RV Excel functions
  • Together, our multi-thread architecture front end and smart engine enables users to build sophisticated spreadsheets and optimize CPU and memory usage
  • Precise Financial Engineering
  • Valuation engine is fully calibrated with market conventions and accurate market data


RiskVal’s add-in, RVExcel, surpasses typical Excel application development by consolidating programming complexity and utilizing under 200 lightweight RiskVal functions. The end result enables traders to evaluate complex financial instruments within the simplicity of RVExcel. This virtually eliminates the learning curve and reduces development efforts.

The RiskVal analytics engine, which powers RV Excel, has been stress tested for over 15 years and calibrated by the market. Our multi-tier architecture enables users to integrate real-time market data, an extensive historical database, and a state-of-the-art analytics library into Excel with minimal effort. The engine fuels all RiskVal product lines including our popular flagship product—Relative Value Fixed Income Analytics (RVFI). It is used by +300 clients per day—worldwide.

RVExcel is a complete Excel solution including a lightweight GUI, RiskVal time-series access, multi-threaded front end architecture, and smart analytics engine with RiskVal’s curve and valuation models. This enables users to run complex spreadsheets while avoiding high CPU and memory use drawbacks found in conventional Excel applications.