October 13, 2018

RiskVal Fixed Income (RVFI) Release – 10/12/2018

In this week’s RVFI release, RiskVal improved its Forward Swap Matrix and New Swap Trade Sheet functionality by expanding EM coverage to include COP vs IBR. Users now have the ability to analyze Colombian swaps vs. IBR index (COOVIBR Index). GBP Bond/Future Spreads & Butterflies Monitor was also enhanced through integrating UK Central Bank Rates for traders to analyze spreads against UK government bond yields. Traders can enter ‘UKBRBASE’ for the Bank of England Bank Rate, or ‘SONIA’ for the Overnight Rate. Moreover, G7 Bond Roll Analysis received the following expansions:  added Future Summary matrix to Analysis menu for trader to compare Forward ASW and Invoice Spread for all future pairs in a given currency, and added option in User Preferences for traders to enable Greece, Cyprus, Ireland, Slovenia, and Slovakia.

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