RiskVal CEO Jordan Hu shares his story with alma mater, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Hu received his master’s degree in computer science from NJIT, enabling him to land his first job at Salomon Brothers. After he worked at Salomon Brothers and Goldman Sachs for almost 10 years, he started to see entrepreneurship opportunities.

In 1998, Hu spent three years building up a team to create a customized, next-generation fixed-income trading platform for their first client. In 2001, he decided that the time was right to establish RiskVal as a completely self-funded start-up company, bringing together talents from Wall Street and academia to create a front-office trading solution using the Internet Application Service Provider model. In the same year, they announced their first product, an ASP solution called RiskVal Relative Value Fixed-Income (RVFI). It was a revolution in the financial market, because at that time most firms were still trying to build in-house solutions.

Many banks and fund managers became interested in RiskVal, and brought the solution to their trading desk as a supplement to their existing trading strategies. Over time, RiskVal built up around 200+ different trading strategies along with 15+ years of high-quality historical data, such that traders can use it to do more than just validate the live market, making RVFI the only off-the-shelf trading analytics solution in the market. Both buy-side and sell-side traders started to recognize RVFI as an irreplaceable solution to their desks. By 2005, RiskVal had the solution deployed across the globe.


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