Waters Technology Awards RiskVal “Best Credit Risk Solution”




Waters Ranking


June 2009 — Waters Rankings awarded RiskVal Financial Solutions, LLC first place for “Best Credit Solution” and second place for “Best Market Risk.” The Risk Waters awards are widely known as the industry leading financial technology awards. League standings are determined directly by the votes of trading desk clients seeking alpha. RiskVal was chosen by hundreds of voters out of a field of over twenty contenders per category.

Phil Albinus, Editor of Waters, stated:

“RiskVal’s risk management solution moves beyond traditional risk assessment and monitoring tools to provide in depth, pre-trade and during trade multi-faceted risk analysis.”

RiskVal’s credit risk system is designed for portfolio managers, which enables them to manage credit portfolios and calculate various scenario analysis and credit risk measures, along with P/L. The Fixed Income Credit and Structured Credit currently support single name, credit index, and structured CDO, covering interest rate derivatives and credit derivatives.

“RiskVal is honored by the outpouring of support we received from the very top tier of the fixed income and credit trading community,” stated Jordan Hu, CEO of RiskVal.

“The Risk Waters awards, following our Finextra Innovation award earlier this year, are very gratifying and further validate our efforts. RiskVal strives to fully satisfy the fixed income analytical needs of the most demanding prop, arb, and broker / dealer traders in the world,” Mr. Hu continued.

“Our approach is to stay at the cutting edge of the fixed income markets and to continually anticipate and provide new features for our clients.”