SmartCEO’s 2015 Future 50 Award Winner




SmartCEO’s 2015 Future 50 Award Winner

NEW YORK, Jan 29, 2015 – Jordan Hu, founder and CEO of RiskVal Financial Solutions – a prominent financial engineering company – received the Future 50 Smart CEO award. Mr. Hu’s persistence, leadership, and spirit is recognized alongside the firm’s cutting-edge products, top of the line customer support, and company culture.  All of these aspects coupled with RiskVal’s past success propelled Mr. Hu into the top 50. The Future 50 SmartCEO reward is reserved for 50 fast-growth, mid-sized companies in the region, five large Blue Chip companies, and five small Emerging Growth companies. These companies represent the future of the region’s economy and embody the entrepreneurial spirit critical for leadership and success. The winners, chosen based on a three-year average of employee and revenue growth, are listed alphabetically, and not ranked.


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About RiskVal

RiskVal is a fast growing financial engineering company launched in 2001. Jordan Hu, the founder, brought together talents from Wall Street and academia. The RiskVal team has successfully integrated its members’ experiences and expertise to design the RiskVal Financial System for pricing, portfolio management, and risk management. The RiskVal System covers fixed-income, credit derivative, equity, foreign exchange, and derivatives securities. In addition, RiskVal provides consulting services in risk management, trading strategies, and financial engineering.


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