RiskVal Wins Waters Sell-Side Technology’s 2015 “Best Sell-Side Market Risk Product”

SST Award

From left to right: Ksenia Dominova, Jordan Hu (Founder & CEO), Gerry Cooney, Andy Radzevicius

Waters & Sell-Side Technology Award RiskVal “Best Sell-Side Market Risk Product”

New York, NY April 21, 2015 – Waters Technology and Sell-Side Technology (www.waterstechnology.com) awarded RiskVal Financial Solutions (www.riskval.com) “Best Sell-Side Market Risk Product”. This was RiskVal’s first win at the third annual Sell-Side Technology Awards. The award merits RiskVal as a market leader as a third-party vendor serving the sell-side in the financial technology space.

“This award is a big win for RiskVal, and is one of the most prestigious in our industry. The honor belongs to everyone in RiskVal,” states RiskVal’s Founder & CEO, Jordan Hu.

About RiskVal

RiskVal is a fast growing financial engineering company launched in 2001 by founder Jordan Hu, who brought together talents from Wall Street and academia. The RiskVal team has successfully integrated its members’ experiences and expertise to design the RiskVal Financial System for pricing, portfolio management, and risk management. The RiskVal System covers fixed-income, credit derivative, equity, foreign exchange, and derivatives securities. In addition, RiskVal providesSSSTSSTAW15_3 consulting services in risk management, trading strategies, and financial engineering.

About Waters Sell-Side Technology

Waters is widely known for leading financial technology awards. These awards identify third-party vendors for their leading technologies, which are judged by eight highly experienced professionals. The Sell-Side Technology Awards will maintain value for years to come.


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