Jordan Hu, CEO and Founder of RiskVal, receives Overseas Entrepreneurs Award in Taiwan



Taipei – On November 29, 2017, Jordan Hu, CEO and Founder of RiskVal Financial Solutions, a financial engineering service provider, received the 26th annual Overseas Entrepreneurs Award organized by the National Association of Young Entrepreneurs (Taiwan).

 The National Association of Young Entrepreneurs is a public policy non-profit founded in 1972 and headquartered in Taiwan. The association is dedicated to supporting young entrepreneurs grow and thrive in their businesses.

The Overseas Entrepreneurs Award is an annual award that recognizes entrepreneurs of Taiwanese heritage located overseas, who have managed to consolidate their project, so that their business is competitive and has contributed to the growth of wealth and job creation in society.

This year’s award ceremony, also attended by the President and Prime Minister of Taiwan (in above photo), was held at the Grand Hotel Taipei.


RiskVal Financial Solutions is a global supplier of Software as a Service (SaaS) for risk management, portfolio management, and trading strategies. RiskVal’s solutions leverage real-time market data and over ten years of historical data combined with high-speed analytics, which gives traders and portfolio managers a true picture of changing market conditions. The company provides superior round-the-clock weekday customer support service to tier-1 and tier-2 banks, ALMs, and hedge funds collectively totaling more than 300 active portfolio managers. The utilization of SaaS technology and integrated service, ensures all offered solutions are cost effective. RiskVal offers a variety of products covering fixed-income, foreign exchange, and derivatives, tailored for ultimate customization to meet the needs of the end user. RiskVal is differentiated from its competitors through its exemplary customer service, precise financial engineering, and innovative solutions. Its headquarters is located in New York.