What Makes Us Special

  • Comprehensive coverage of equity, fixed-income, foreign exchange, and derivative securities.
  • Smooth integration of real-time market data with high-speed analytics to provide traders and managers a true picture of changing market conditions at all times.
  • Complete risk management interface for easy integration of valuation and portfolio management system.
  • Construction of arbitrage-free yield curve based on advanced interest rate model and volatility curve.
  • Capability to perform scenario analysis under various assumptions and market conditions in order to provide the best estimate of portfolio values and real-time P&L.
  • Functionalities to report conventional risk measures such as DV01, duration, and convexity, as well as advanced risk measures including forward rate risk, key rate duration, and bucket risk. Integration of risk management and hedging.
  • Enhanced analytics to provide users with accurate breakdown of daily/estimate P&L sources.

Who We Are

RiskVal strives to be the leading service provider of financial trading and risk management solutions worldwide by continuously staying ahead of the curve.

RiskVal was established in 2001 by the founder and CEO, Jordan Hu. He was determined to bring together talents from Wall Street and academia to create a front office platform that was not only powerful but flexible to evolve with the market in real-time. This has become the core motto for RiskVal in our journey to become the #1 front office solution for the fixed income markets.

RiskVal brings together a team of highly experienced and disciplined quants and software engineers, in order to provide an integrated approach for pricing, portfolio management, and risk management. Their expertise and efforts, combined with direct feedback from our clients at top-tier financial institutions, leads to continuous enhancement of the system. This discipline ensures that RiskVal’s solutions┬ástand head and shoulders above competitors as the leading trading analytics system on Wall Street.